Academic Overview

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International Christian School teaches all traditional academic disciplines using only curricula written with a Biblical worldview and from a Christian perspective. Truly, educational excellence begins with excellence in education; and there is no more excellent way than God’s way.

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While education in America has been in decline for many decades, International Christian School adheres to a strong traditional program. This means that many will consider ours to be an advanced curriculum when compared with what is being taught in other schools today. On the other hand, since we are privately funded, this means that we are not susceptible to the shortcomings of educational fads and bureaucratic whims that are often mandated on government-financed schools. While our academics are up-to-date, our teachers are free to teach students both traditional methods and traditional values. We have found this combination to produce tremendous results, and we consider ourselves blessed.

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Excellence in education begins with a strong foundation. At International Christian School, even our 3-year-old kindergarten has an academic curriculum (and nap time!). While 3-year-olds are taught to print their letters using manuscript, we begin teaching cursive writing in 4-year-old kindergarten. By 1st grade, our students are taught only cursive writing.

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Scope and Sequence

International Christian School uses predominantly A Beka Book materials, although we also use a good number of BJU Press materials and a few other publishers to supplement for classes such as NYS history and music.

Below is a breakdown of the majority of our curriculum by publisher, along with links to their scope and sequence if available. (ICS offers a limited number of high school electives.)

A Beka Book Scope & Sequence

All other subjects not listed below – K3, K4, K5, grades 1-8

Most other subjects not listed below – high school

BJU Press Scope & Sequence

Bible – K5, grades 1-12

Math – grades 5-12

World Geography – high school

Family Living – high school

Praise Hymn

Music – grades 1-6

Around in 80 Days

NYS history – 7th grade

Stanford Achievement Results 2008-2013

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