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Pastor & Mrs. CazisI have had the privilege of being involved in Christian education since 1972 when my parents made the decision to enroll my sister and me in a nearby Christian school. Although as a third grade student I did not really want to leave the familiarity of the local school I was attending, I soon felt the warm acceptance of a Christian environment at that Christian school. It was in that third grade class through the wise influence of a Christian school teacher that I was able to be challenged to reach my potential academically, socially, and spiritually. To this day I believe what made a difference in my life was being under the influence of a teacher who understood the Biblical truth that I was a student who was created in the image of God! That same realization uniquely equips our teachers to make a profound impact in the academic development of our students.

That first experience in Mrs. Folgerson’s third grade class made such an impact on my life, that I completed the next nine years of my education in a Christian school, and I became involved in Christian education as an administrator in 1989. I believe in Christian education because it made such a difference in my life. I believe in International Christian School because I have seen first hand the difference it made in the lives of my two sons who both graduated from International.

I invite you to come experience for yourself the loving environment of International Christian School. I encourage you to schedule a visit, and consider the difference it can make in your family.

Pastor Ray Cazis

Our School Board
Mr. Wilbur Alexander
Mr. Rey Guanga
Mr. Kashinath Jagrup
Mr. Filiberto Perez
Mr. Norberto Perez
Mr. Jesus Ramos
Mr. Errol Seales

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