Spiritual Distinctives

While many things set apart the Christian school from other schools, the most obvious is that a Christian school is Christian! Throughout the curriculum and other components of our school program, International Christian School is, first and foremost, a Christian school.


International Christian School holds two chapel services for its students each week. Chapel is the one time each week when students from multiple classrooms assemble to hear the Bible taught or preached in age appropriate ways on age appropriate topics. Salvation, Bible doctrine, Godly character, and Christian living are repeated themes. Chapel is a core component of our spiritual distinctives.

Grades 1-5 assemble for one chapel service. These students enjoy singing fun psalms or spiritual songs and the hymn of the week as well as engaging in Sword drills and Bible memory recitation. The focal point of chapel is when a preacher or teacher stands to teach a Bible lesson to the students. God’s Word changes lives!

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Grades 6-12 assemble for the other chapel service. These students also enjoy singing fun psalms or spiritual songs and the hymn of the week and they also participate in various competitions such as Bible Trivia and Sword drills. For this age group, the focal point of chapel is when a preacher stands to preach God’s Word. Whether by pastors, missionaries, or their own teachers, students hear practical Bible truths they can live by. Thank God for preaching!

Elementary Bible Classes

The foundation of Christian education is the Bible. Every day, our first class of the day is Bible. Various teaching methods are employed, including Bible verse memorization, visual aids, and discussion. Children are taught how to be saved at an early age, and they are taught also how to follow Christ after salvation.

Secondary Bible Classes

A Christian education is not complete without thorough instruction in Bible doctrine and Biblical Christian living. All students in junior and senior high attend Bible classes daily with the exception of days when chapel preempts the time slot. Students are challenged not to be hearers only, but doers of the Word.

Devotional Challenges

Secondary homeroom teachers double as mentors for their students, so it is not unusual to find a homeroom teacher taking a few moments during homeroom to share a spiritual truth or Biblical principle with the students. While not lengthy, these challenges provide a great opportunity for our students to have their spiritual needs met and questions answered that may not be available in other forums.

ICS Revival Week

Beginning in the early 2000s, we began designating a week early in each semester as ICS Revival Week. During these weeks, we will have chapel services for several days in a row, often with a guest speaker present who brings a fresh Biblical perspective to our students. ICS Revival Week encourages our students to keep the first things first at pivotal times of the school year, and many life-changing decisions are made because of it.

Weekly Missionary Offering

International Baptist Church sponsors over 70 missionaries and mission projects around the world. As a part of our spiritual distinctives, the International Christian School collects a weekly missionary offering. This opportunity teaches our students to be generous towards missions, and through the offering International Christian School averages providing the support commitment for two of those missionaries each month.

Missions Conference

In addition to our weekly missionary offering, the International Baptist Church hosts a missions conference each October. During that conference, missionaries and their families interact with our students through special assemblies and Q&A times. Our students also get to hear from a missionary during their regularly scheduled chapel time. Numerous students and graduates can point back to the IBC missions conference as a time they made a life-changing commitment to the Lord.

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