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“ICS really kept me grounded. My past classmates are like family and my past teachers are always available if I need help or guidance. Mrs. B. was the biggest help in my adolescent life.” – Nature M.

“I admire Mrs. A.’s love and dedication to ICS and IBC. She’s the best volleyball coach because she is always there to help you even if it’s not volleyball related. Some of the best conversations that I had were with her, and having her in my life has been a blessing. I love her so much!” – Charlene L.

“I am grateful for the impact that all of the teachers at ICS had on my life. Mr. & Mrs. L.’s love for Christ and desire to serve the students was very evident to me, and I am thankful for all that they did to help me transfer into the school. Mrs. K.’s passion to reach out to deaf individuals further pointed me in the direction of my field of study (Speech Pathology). God has allowed me to reach my final semester of college, and I am very excited that I will have the opportunity to do an internship giving speech therapy to children with various communication disorders. I know that my life would not be the same if it weren’t for my time at the little school on Coney Island Avenue, and I will always treasure the memories that were made there.” – Sharon E.

“Mr. S. taught us a song from the scripture, ‘And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.’ It meant a lot to me. I always try to treat people right.” – Kenneth M.

“Mrs. K. was always an encouragement to me. She inspired me to learn. She taught me that learning was not about homework, tests, and quizzes; it is about diving into a subject and truly inquiring about it.” – Raymond C.

“International Christian School provides a safe environment for children to develop not only an outstanding education but also a strong biblical foundation.” – Clara A.

“I love everything about ICS. I can’t think of any other school where teachers and students really connect. From the very first day, I could see how the teachers genuinely cared for the students, and how the students could talk to the faculty so easily. I’m so blessed that I could experience that!” – Cynthia B.

“I really loved every moment of volleyball with the team and Mrs. A. I very much enjoyed spirit week and all of the out of routine events that came along with it. Mrs. L. never gets enough credit for all the awesomeness she is. God bless that woman.” – Angela M.

“My favorite memories of ICS are from playing basketball and football with Bro. D. He was a great coach who always motivated us and expected the best and was a Godly example to us.” – Dave S.

“While at ICS I learned a very good work ethic. We would work to earn money for trips. I tutored a young boy one year named Peter. It was my first teaching job. Most of all, my senior year we worked really hard for the biggest trip yet – Hawaii!! We enjoyed the fruit of our labor, and I know I could never forget it. I still carry today a souvenir from Hawaii in my house!” – Anny W.

“We appreciate International Christian School for many reasons, but primarily for its Christian values and how that plays out in the classroom on a daily basis. We appreciate the teachers who teach, love, and pray for their students; and we appreciate the emphasis on hiding God’s Word in their hearts. Not only have our children grown intellectually, but in character, discipline, and heart.” – Mrs. P.



Success Stories

S. M., a girl of Puerto Rican descent, was part way through her third grade year in a New York City public school. She was struggling academically, but her school seemed more interested in labeling her (as ADD or ADHD) or making excuses (low self-esteem) than in helping her actually to learn. Her parents began to look for an answer. They found that answer at the International Christian School. Though she had been in third grade in the public school, her limited reading ability qualified her only for the first grade at International Christian School. Desperate to help their daughter to get the start in life that she deserved, they accepted that grade placement and took the unusual step of changing schools in January, during the middle of the school year. That was a decision that her parents do not regret. After completing the first grade at International Christian School and doing extra work during the summertime, she retested and moved up to the third grade that fall. Her self-esteem went up due to her successes and the encouragement of caring teachers; and she later graduated from International Christian School, doing well in most subjects and winning several awards along the way.

F. J. grew up in a very poor dysfunctional Haitian family. She and her brother were left alone almost every night. At an early age, she had to learn to take care of her brother in a very bad neighborhood. She attended International Christian School, however, from second grade through fourth grade and again from seventh grade through twelfth grade. Caring teachers helped her to make the most of her life. She graduated from a private college with a degree in secondary education, taught high school math in a Christian school in Long Island, New York, for a few years, and is now a pastor’s wife in New Jersey.

A. G., a boy of Portuguese descent, was so nervous about attending classes in his dangerous public high school that he had too many absences to pass his classes. After three years of high school, he had earned less than two years of credit, not enough to qualify himself as a junior in high school. His mother sought a place he could thrive, and she found that place at the International Christian School. The safe, structured, caring environment put him at ease—so much so that he maintained a record of perfect attendance during his last two years of high school, with senior skip day as the only exception. He enrolled in extra classes and finished in only two years. Rather than becoming a high school dropout and simply another statistic, he graduated from the International Christian High School and entered Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island, to continue his education.

R. G., a boy of Italian heritage, was enrolled in a public school that wanted to place him in special education. His parents rejected that notion and transferred him to International Christian School’s fourth grade. With caring teachers and individual attention, he excelled. He graduated from International Christian High School as valedictorian, was awarded a prestigious scholarship to St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York, and was later hired by the FBI in New York City.

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